Grid Tie Solar Systems

Grid Tie Solar SystemsProducing Solar Energy with Grid Tie Solar Systems

Solar energy power is a great way to get free energy. Not only will it help preserve the environment but it will help you save on your electric and utility bill.  We are constantly hearing about the energy crisis and how renewable energy can help us to replenish the many resources that have been used up in recent years like coal or gasoline.

Renewable energy like sun and wind is always there so we’ll never worry about running out of these energy sources. There are many benefits to using renewable energy and it’s actually cheaper than one might think to install solar systems. While the initial cost may be high, depending on whether you purchase solar panels or make your own, it’s almost maintenance free and will last many years.

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Grid tie solar systems will help generate energy and send it back to the power grid of your local utility company. Depending on the amount of sun and wind you get by your home, you may have a small amount of solar energy or you may have a surplus. When you have a surplus, you can send it to your electric company and they’ll pay you for the energy. Imagine having your utility company paying you for producing energy for them instead of the other way around or watching your utility meter run in the negative!

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Grid tie solar systems consist of the following components:

  • Solar panels- These are the main part of the system are needed to store the solar energy and convert it to DC power. Your geographic location and the type and number of solar panels you have will determine your production of energy.
  • Combiner box- This is where all the solar panel connections are stored.
  • DC Breaker box- This is what provides you with a way to shut the system down for inspections and safe repair or maintenance.
  • Inverter- This is what grabs the DC (Direct Current) power and converts it to AC power for your home.
  • Grid Disconnect- This lets you stop the flow of electricity between your electrical system and your solar power system as well as providing safety measures for maintaining the systems.

The increasing cost of energy is probably the largest reason why more and more people are turning to solar power and grid tie solar systems for their homes and businesses. These systems will provide make it easy to receive all the power supplement you need from the sun. Many homeowners state that their energy bills have decreased 50% just by using the solar systems as a supplement to their energy consumption.

Another advantage to using grid tie solar systems is that you’ll never have to worry about being without power in the case of an outage. While all the homes around your neighborhood are black, you can continue with your daily routine from the solar energy that you’ve already produced. Whether you want to use solar energy as a supplement or your main energy source, you’ll be amazed at the money you’ll save in a year as well as the help you’ll be providing to your environment.

With the right system set up for your home and the right weather conditions ( lots of sun and adequate wind speeds), you can produce a steady supply of energy sources with  your grid tie solar systems and have the excess routed directly back to your utility company.

Click HERE for the DIY Solar Energy Guide