How Do Solar Cells Work?

how do solar cells work?So How Do Solar Cells Work? Let’s take a look:

First and foremost, solar energy made by PV (photovoltaic) cells will create electricity without any pollution. Learning about solar panels and PV cells may just make you want to install your own solar system and join the many that are no longer spending big bucks for utility bills.

Solar PV cells are what make up what we know as photovoltaic systems. They’re small devices that convert a light source into electricity; usually this light source is the sun. The individual cells are held together with layers of semiconductor material (filled with atoms).

One layer has a negative charge while the other has a positive charge. When the sun shines on the cells, the atoms in the semiconductor absorb the photons from the light.

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When this happens, electrons from the negative layer travel through an external circuit and join the positive layer. This is “traveling” of the electrons is what gives you an electric current. Because these small solar cells will not make up enough electricity by themselves, they’re put together as a group of dozens to work together. They’re stored in a module, which provides them with a weather-proof protection.

When putting two modules together, they can be wired together as part of a series with the voltage doubling but the current staying the same. If the modules are wired parallel, the voltage stays the same but the current doubles. When solar cells are made, they are often wired in a variety of combinations to accommodate their needs, depending on the size of the home or building.

With all the hype and publications about solar energy, saving money on utility bills and helping the environment, more people than ever are taking an interest in using solar power either for their entire source of energy or as a supplement to their utility company. Many people that are interested in “getting off the grid” and making their own energy are afraid that it’s too expensive to get started.

While they’re aware of the huge savings they’ll see when the system is complete, they don’t have the thousands of dollars they believe is needed to implement a complete solar system into their home. Little do they know that for just a couple hundred dollars, and possibly less, they can provide their home with a solar system that will save them dollar after dollar on energy costs.

Hopefully now you’re not asking the question: “How Do Solar Cells Work?” I hope I’ve answered that for you!ontains pictures, video, bonuses and more.

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