Your Own Personal Wind Power

Lower Wind Energy CostsCreating renewable energy with personal wind power.

Wind energy is a popular topic of conversation today with the emphasis on the renewable aspect of this energy source. While the importance of solar energy cannot be over-emphasized, wind energy is a strong player in the renewable energy race. Everywhere you look you see or hear talk about the importance of “going green” to help preserve and protect the environment. While this topic is in the news and creeps into politician’s speeches, going green in our homes can involve using renewable energy for our daily needs.

For years we’ve been using non-renewable sources such as coal for heating and gasoline for our cars. The result of all this use is that we’ve managed to almost deplete these resources and at the same time fill our environment with many harmful gases and pollutants. By using renewable energy for your homes, several purposes can be served. Our non-renewable resources will get a break, we’ll see less pollution, and we can save money on energy costs. Let’s talk a little about the benefits of wind power and how easy it would be to have your own personal wind power system.

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Everyone says they want to help the environment but don’t always follow through unless they’ll benefit personally. This is nothing to feel bad about, it just seems to be human nature. Having your own personal wind power will definitely benefit you and your pocketbook as well as the earth. You may have seen old large windmills on farms or in movies, or perhaps you’ve driving by modern rural wind farms consisting of dozens of massive white towers with slowly spinning blades. Today, miniature versions of those very same wind mills can provide you with free, unlimited energy for your home. They act in the same way as a fan does as far as providing energy, but in reverse: instead of electricity spinning your fan and creating wind, the wind spins the fan, or “turbine,” and creates electricity.

Take a Look at a Finished Personal Wind Power Turbine Here:

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The tower has a wind turbine on top which turns like a fan, building and collecting kinetic energy which is then converted to the electricity you need to run your household appliances. These wind power systems are also called wind turbine systems and have the capabilities of decreasing your electric bill up to 90%. Your total energy cost of electricity is determined by the amount of electricity you use, how much it cost to install your personal wind power system and the wind speed where you live. The higher the wind speed, the more electricity your wind turbine will produce.

The size of your home will also play a part in what size wind turbine you’ll need. A small home in the city or out in the suburbs will get by very well with a small wind turbine whereas a large home out in the country is going to need a larger wind power system to provide you with the right amount of electricity. The area of the country where you live may also determine the amount of wind you get as well as the speed. The shift to renewable energy will make previously barron parts of the world, such as deserts, very attractive as wind energy  hot spots.

Homeowners that purchase their wind power system may spend several thousands of dollars for the entire system. While it’s a huge cost initially, the savings they’ll get through the years are also huge. It’s almost as if your paying for years of electricity use at one time, and than getting free energy for years afterward. The thing to consider is that it’s a one-time cost to have your personal wind power system. Maintenance is next to nothing and they’ll last for many years, continuing to provide you with energy, while allowing you to save money or live “off the grid” entirely.

Many that don’t wish to spend thousands of dollars to buy the system are building their own personal wind power. You can buy a kit that will show you how to easily build a wind turbine for just a couple hundred dollars, possibly less. These wind energy systems are not only v very affordable but come with step-by –step directions helping you to have your own personal wind power in very little time. Building your own personal wind power is a win win situation. It’s a small start-up cost, almost maintenance free, you’re doing your part to “go green” and you’re saving tons of money on utility bills. Other benefits include having a great weekend project to work on by yourself or with your kids or friends, and, oh yeah, doing your part to save the planet!

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